Fuel gas nomination method

In accordance with its obligations regarding the fuel gas stipulated in paragraph 18.5.1 of Network Code GASTRANS informs its Users about the planned transferring to new gas transit regime from 01.10.2021 which will foresee the consumption of fuel gas at GASTRANS infrastructure – compressor station and preheaters at gas metering stations.

Addressing to the Users which have decided to provide Fuel gas in kind in order to secure the transportation services GASTRANS’ reasonable expectations regarding the Fuel gas consumption ratios for the period 01.10.2021 – 31.10.2021 are as follows:

  • X1 (Fuel gas for compressors) – 0.3 ÷ 0.6 %*
  • X2 (Fuel gas for pre-heaters) – 0.01 ÷ 0.03%*
  • KN (difference between allocated and consumed Fuel gas quantities) – variable

* – in case of actual fuel gas consumption outside the specified limits, Users must compensate fuel gas in accordance with the measured values, while GASTRANS is not responsible for fuel gas consumption outside the previously published reasonable expectations regarging fuel gas ratios.

Taking into account the current temporary unavailability of digital fuel gas nominations GASTRANS suggests its Users the alternative approach in order to make nominations more precise and minimize possible mismatching between allocated and consumed quantities of Fuel gas.

  1. GASTRANS will send to Users (which have decided to provide Fuel gas in kind) every day till 10:00 AM data for next gas day Nomination regarding the abovementioned ratios – X1, X2 ,KN;
  2. Users should enter values of X1, X2 and KN into Nomination table and suggested values of Fuel gas will appear at Nomination;
  3. Users should send Nomination (NOMINIT) in accordance to usual Nominations timeline;
  4. GASTRANS will respond (NOMRES) and confirm Nomination to Users , including Fuel gas values , in accordance with usual Nominations timeline.

The abovementioned approach will be applicable until further notice.

The Users who has elected to reimburse the Transporter for costs of Fuel Gas should be charged in accordance with principles stipulated in paragraph 18 of Network Code, as well as the provisions of the existing Gas Transportation Agreements.