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NC Item Description Publishing auction of firm yearly capacity Publishing the auctions for firm quarterly capacities Publishing auctions of firm monthly capacities Taking place of the auction for firm daily capacity Taking place of the auction for firm within day capacity Publishing auction of commercial reverse yearly capacity Publishing auctions of commercial reverse quarterly capacities Publishing auction of commercial reverse monthly capacity Taking place of the auction for commercial reverse daily capacity
7.4.4. Taking place of the auction for daily interruptible capacity
7.7.2. Results of the auctions (for yeary, quarterly, monthly firm and commercial reverse capacities)
7.7.3. Results of the auctions (for Firm Daily Capacity, Firm Within-Day Capacity, Commercial Reverse Daily Capacity and Interruptible Daily Capacity)
16.7.1. Maintenance Programme
18.1.5. Public tender for purchasing of fuel gas Publication of reasonable expectation of the percentage range of Fuel Gas Price against which Transporter procured Fuel Gas
21.5.1. Amendment Draft of Short Term GTA Detailed description of offered Capacity Products Reserve Prices for Capacity Products Network code Short-Term GTA GEDP User Agreement Data on Gas quality containing at least GCV and Wobbe index Data on requested pressures on Interconnection Points Short summary of procedure in case of Interruption Short summary of harmonised procedure applicable for use of
transmission system and definition of key terms Short summary of provisions on capacity allocation and congestion management Short summary of rules for secondary trade of capacities Short summary of rules on balancing and calculation of Imbalance Charge Short summary of description of Pipeline and Interconnection Points with the names of the AFO Short summary of information in case of disturbance in Pipeline Short summary of procedures agreed with AFO at the Interconnection Points, relevant for access of the Users to transmission systems, relating to interoperability, nomination,  matching process and other agreed procedure defining rules for allocation of quantities and balancing Short summary of methodology for calculation of Technical Capacity Maximum Technical Capacity for the flow in both directions Total contracted Firm Capacity and Interruptible Capacity in both directions Nomination and Renomination in both directions Firm and interruptible Available Capacity in both directions Real physical flow of Gas Planned and real Interruption Planned and unplanned interruptions of Firm Capacities, information on restoration of the Firm Capacities (especially Maintenance of Pipeline and possible duration of Interruption due to the Maintenance). Planned interruption shall be published at least forty two (42) days ahead Occurrence of unsuccessful, legally valid bids for Firm Capacity Products with a duration of one month or longer including number and quantities from the unsuccessful bids On which Interconnection Points and when Firm Capacity Products with a duration of one month or longer are contracted against Auction Price that is higher than Reserve Price On which Interconnection Points and when none of Firm Capacity Products with a duration of one month or longer are offered at the auctions from the Article 7 of this Network Code Total capacity made available by the procedure of management congestion
24.3.2. Information from the Articles, and of this Network Code shall be published for a period of at least eighteen (18) months ahead
24.3.3. Transporter shall publish historical data from the Articles 24.3.1-24.3.7 of this Network Code for the last five (5) years
24.3.4. Transporter shall daily publish measured values of GCV or Wobbe index for all Interconnection Points. Temporary data shall be published at latest three (3) days following the end of the relevant Gas Day. Final data shall be published within three (3) months following the end of the relevant month
24.3.5. Transporter shall publish available, contracted and technical capacities on the yearly basis for the next ten (10) years. Information shall be updated at least monthly
24.3.6. Transporter shall publish daily total quantity of capacity that is offered and contracted via secondary trade of capacities
24.3.7. Transporter shall publish Capacity Products and time for realisation of secondary trade of capacities
24.3.8. Transporter shall, if not applying OBA, deliver to each User for each balancing period, quantities of Transmission Imbalance and amount of Imbalance Charge
24.3.9. Transporter shall, if not applying OBA, publish quantity of Gas in the Pipeline at the beginning of each Gas Day and the estimation of quantities of Gas at the end of Gas Day
24.3.10. Transporter shall provide calculator for calculation of transmission costs on the basis of Reserve Prices which shall be applicable on auctions Form of Request for Access to the System from the Article 3.3 of this Network Code Set of standardised messages from the Article 4.1.2 of this Network Code E-mail and fax number from the Article 4.1.3 of this Network Code Indicative model with recommendable content of bank guarantee from the Article of this Network Code Incremental capacity project and model of the agreement on access to the system and transportation of natural gas for incremental capacities from the Article 9.3.5 of this Network Code Trade Notification form from the Article 11.2.1 of this Network Code List of Interconnection Points on which Single-Sided Nominations are applied from the Article 12.2.2 of this Network Code Nomination form from the Article 12.4.1 of this Network Code – NOMINIT Nomination form from the Article 12.4.1 of this Network Code – NOMRES Cases envisaged by Operational Balancing Agreement when Transmission Imbalance may occur for the Users in line with the Article 15.1.7 of this Network Code GPP and GPN from the Article 15.4.5 of this Network Code Amendment Draft from the Article 21.5.1 of this Network Code Act on amendment of this Network Code from the Article 21.6.4 of this Network Code
25.8. AERS decision of approval of Network Code