On March 5th 2019, the Council of the Agency has adopted the request of the ’’Gastrans’’ company that the gas pipeline, which connects the gas networks of Bulgaria and Hungary through the territory of Serbia, should be exempt from the regulations of the Third Energetic Package EU, for a period of 20 years.

The project that “Gastrans” is implementing is exempted from the obligation (1) of providing the third party access to the pipeline infrastructure up to 70% of the total capacities at the entry point “Zaječar”, up to 55% at the exit points “Paraćin”, “Pančevo”, and “Gospođinci” and up to 75% of the capacity at the exit point “Horgoš”; and (2) separating the role of the gas supplier and the gas transport system operator.

The exemption has been adopted in accordance with the opinion of the Energy Community, and takes into account the recommendations of the Energy Community Secretariat regarding this project.