Short summary of provisions on capacity allocation and congestion management

The Transporter announces the Available Capacity for each short-term Capacity Product on the Capacity Reservation Platform and invites the Users to make bids for contracting the Available Capacities for each Capacity Product offered at the auctions. Also, the transporter publishes the Starting Price for each Capacity Product for each Interconnection Point on its website and on the Capacity Reservation Platform.

Within the reserved capacity users make Nominations, ie. announcements of the required quantities of gas, in accordance with Chapter 12 of the NC Gastrans.

Contractual congestion means that the level of demand for continuous capacity exceeds the technical capacity, so Congestion management means managing the system in order to optimize and maximize the use of technical capacity and timely detection of future congestion points;

The principles of congestion management and capacity allocation are based on the release of unused capacity, thus enabling system users to lease or resell their contracted capacity, and on the obligation of transmission system operators to offer unused capacity on the market, at least on a day-ahead basis, and as a firm capacity. These principles should be applied to the total contracted capacity, including existing contracts. Some of these principles are:

  • Surrender of contracted capacity (explained in detail in Chapter 8 NC Gastrans)
  • Secondary capacity trade (explained in detail in Chapter 10 NC Gastrans)
  • Over-nomination method (renomination) – (explained in detail in Chapter 12 NC Gastrans)

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